Friday, 26 April 2019

Friday Freebie – Trio of Terror by Alyson Faye

The winner of last week's  Friday Freebie book is Frances Garrood.   Please contact me with a UK postal address and I'll send it out in the next few days.

Today's Friday Freebie is Trio of Terror by Alyson Faye.

About the Author: Alyson lives in West Yorkshire with her husband, teen son and 4 rescue animals. She has been a teacher, a carer, a road safety instructor and a lifetime film buff. Currently she teaches creative writing workshops and writes dark fiction, both short (flash) and long. 

Her short stories have appeared in print in the anthologies, Women in Horror Annual 2, Stories from Stone, DeadCades:The Infernal Decimation, Coffin Bell Journal 1 and Crackers. 

Her debut flash fiction collection, Badlands, was published in January 2018 by indie publisher, Chapel Town Books and her own Trio of Terror - Supernatural Tales (all set in Yorkshire) came out in December 2018. Her flash fiction has appeared in several charity anthologies and can be heard on several podcasts. Her fiction has won, or been shortlisted in several competitions. Find all her books here.

When not writing Alyson enjoys singing, swimming, crafting, time with her Labador, Roxy and eating chocolate, the darker the better.

About the book: Trio of Teror contains hree tales of the supernatural from the dark heart of Yorkshire

Living in Yorkshire and getting out and about with my cross Labrador, Roxy, I drew on both my local history knowledge and our trips to Filey and Scarborough as the backdrops to these three supernatural tales of quiet horror. The first, 'The Resurrection of the Reverend Greswold' is set in a church which was inspired by an actual derelict church, up for auction, along with its graveyard, outside Halifax. I couldn't help but wonder who would want a graveyard as a back garden? 'Swan Song' is set in Filey, where we've holidayed many times and the last tale, 'Hospital Blues' is a time slip story, set just after WW1 and in present day Bingley, the market town where I live. There was a closed-up hospital in the town which I walked past regularly and a few local street names crept in too. I am drawn to derelict buildings and enjoy researching their history; I read quite a bit about the rehabilitation of soldiers during/after WW1 for that one. I wrote the story in the centennial anniversary of the end of the war after visiting a number of local exhibitions and going to a few talks. It seemed a timely topic.

Blurb: A trio of terrifying, haunting tales to torment your dreams; an aperitif to set the scene for horror writer Alyson Faye's upcoming collection due out in 2019. Are you brave enough to step into her dark world? What is on the other side? This trio of stories are set in Yorkshire, in the seaside resort of Filey; in BIngley, at a hospital for soldiers injured in the Great War (written to coincide with the 100 year anniversary of the war's conclusion) and another is inspired by a derelict church outside Halifax.

You can buy the book as a paperback or ebook here. To try to win a signed copy, posted to any UK address, simply leave a comment below by midnight on Wednesday 1st May. The winner will be announced next Friday, when there will be another free book to win.

Free ebook Are We Nearly Famous? by various authors is currently available as a free download.


ados123 said...

Sounds intriguing (and dark)! Should love to win.
From (another) Alyson

Sharon boothroyd said...

Sounds very interesting! I like a good supernatural tale, so I'd love to win. With it being set in my neck of the woods, I know the settings too!

Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

Heart flows forth for any animal rescuer.

alyson faye said...

thank you for commenting about our rescue dog, Roxy. we drove up to Darlington one sunday morning early to meet her and have the dogs trust training session- she'd come from Ireland and was very skinny- happily one year on and 6 kilos heavier and with a glossy coat she is in the pink! Fantastic nature - we are so lucky to have her.

Patsy said...

@ Ados – they do sound dark! I'd have to read from behindd the sofa.

@ Sharon – I like reading stories set in locations I know (and writing them).

@ Mac – It's great to know someanimalsget a second chance, isn't it?

@ Alyson – I'd like a dog and would look for a rescue if we got one, but at the moment we don't feel able to take on that responsibility. Maybe one day.

btw – I'm not in the draw. It wouldn't seem right to win.

Mags said...

Not a genre I usually read but need to broaden my horizons - very new to the pleasures of writing and have lots to learn!

Linda Daunter said...

Haven't read any horror/ supernatural fiction for a while, and I do like stories set in real places, so yes, please!

Mari Phillips said...

I’d love to try this Trio of Terror!
It’s not my usual genre but love Aly’s dark writing and it always make me think....

Patsy said...

@ Mags and Mari – I think it's good to sometimes try a genre we wouldn't usually read.

@ Linda – I like real locations too, especially if I've been there.

Karen Naylor said...

trio of terror sounds good.....territying, but good.