Wednesday, 18 December 2013


A skeuomorph is a design feature that's no longer needed but included because previous versions of the item (often made using different materials or in a different way) had whatever it is.

For example the decks of cruise ships are no longer made from planks of wood (as it's a fire risk) but they're likely to be finished in a brown material laid in strips to resemble planks. Modern compact cameras no longer have shutters, but they often make that distinctive cur-lick when a picture is taken, as they have a device added to reproduce it. Chocolates sometimes still come individually wrapped because back in the old days people didn't always eat a whole tinful in one sitting ...

Can you think of any more examples?

Wednesday, 11 December 2013


It was my writing group's Christmas party yesterday (so I won't be writing about it in present tense). We each brought wrapped books we've read and enjoyed as presents for each other and enjoyed food practically presented on disposable plates.

All the members were present, except one (he's presently on holiday). The results of our competition were announced and the winner presented with a trophy (I was second*). We gave the judge a small present to thank him for his presentation on humour in writing, and his feedback.

*I mention that to present myself in a good light.