Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Prompt means to act with speed, at once or in a timely fashion. Promptly is how I like editors to accept my submissions, or slowly really - just as long as they say yes.

Wine vanishes with remarkable promptness when it gets near me.

To prompt can also be to incite, inspire or urge into action. I'd like to prompt you to download my free ebook or even buy this one ...

A prompter assists a speaker by providing a missing word. A prompt can also be an aid to memory or encouragement to action. Maybe my blog posts prompt you to enter writing competitions?

Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Porosity is my current favourite word. I'm using it here because, unless you're a geologist or garden writer, it's not easy to work in anywhere.

It means the state or property of being porous, or refers to the ratio of pores or voids to the total volume of something. For example, clay pots are better than plastic for growing many plants because of their porosity.

Porous means letting through water, air etc. It can also refer to breaches of security or leaking of information.

Pour us a drink and poring over manuscripts are entirely different, even if the latter does reveal plot holes.