Monday, 26 November 2018

Are We Nearly Famous?

I reckon I must be almost famous – I surveyed some of my friends and family and every single one of them had heard of me! (Oddly not many of them wanted to listen to my jokes.)

Actually I don't really want to be famous. Not in a 'daren't go out in public for fear of screaming fans, and paparazzi trying to catch you doing something mildly embarressing' way. I'd quite like more people to know about my books, and ideally buy one or two, though. Three of my writing friends, Sheila Crosby, Rosemary Kind and Lynne Pardoe felt the same way, so we decided to create this free ebook, to share stories, reveal a litlle about why we write, and promote our work.

You can download Are We Nearly Famous? for free here.

My story, The Mysterious Stone Of Ogham, is set at Gigha in the inner Hebrides. Of course I've visited and photographed (and swum in a little lagoon at the edege of) this beautiful Scottish island.


Julia Thorley said...

I can't remember which comedian I heard say this, but the best job in the world is surely drummer with Cold Play. You get all the money and opportunity that being in a successful rock band brings and you get the adulation of fans when you perform live - but no one knows what you look like, so you can get on with your life unmolested. I shall now go and download your book.

Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

When you're famous, let me know. I don't know anyone famous.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Patsy - very probably ... it's great you've got such lovely blogging and authorly buddies - take care - cheers Hilary