Friday, 19 July 2019

Friday Freebie

Thanks to Sheila Crosby for bringing this free to enter novel writing competition to my attention.

 It's for women over forty, writing about a character over forty. I'm not eligible! Oh, OK, not because of my age, but because entrants must not previously have been published.

As I do qualify with regards to age, here are some pictures from my recent travels to show you the sort of thing your mc might be interested in.

The Friday Freebie will be back next week with The String Games, by Gail Aldwin.


Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

I'm over forty

klahanie said...

Hey Patsy,

I'm over forty but, when I last checked, I'm not a woman. Consider your posting shared. A peaceful weekend to you.


Carolb said...

Love the dragon picture. :-)

Patsy said...

@ Mac – still don't think you can enter.

@ Gary – Thank you. We're currently parked up on the edge of a loch and it is indeed peaceful. I hope your wekend is equally pleasant.

@ Carol – He lives in Colchester.