Saturday, 14 December 2019

From Story Idea to Reader

If you've not yet got a copy of From Story Idea to Reader, here's your chance to win an e-version.

Here's the blurb –

An easily accessible guide to writing fiction.

Whether brushing up your writing skills or starting out, this book will take you through the whole process from inspiration to conclusion. 

Are you looking to submit your work for publication, enter a competition, or do you want to self-publish? This practical guide will help you every step of the way.

Between them, Patsy Collins and Rosemary Kind have sold hundreds of short stories, written sixteen published books and produced numerous articles for Writing Magazine and similar publications. They've both judged writing competitions and run workshops, and Rosemary has read and edited thousands of short stories and published dozens of books for other writers.

With the information, help and encouragement in this book, you too could see your work in print.

Buy it now and give your writing life a boost 

And here's all you have to do to win –

Tell us, in 50 words or fewer, about a reader of your writing. They can be a real person, totally made up, or not even a person at all.

Entries are to be made as a comment to this blog post only and close at midnight on 21st December. The winner will be announced a few days later and asked to supply their email address in order to recieve a digital file of From Story Idea to Reader. If they already own a copy, they'll be sent a mystery book written by either myself or Rosemary.


Lel said...

When I approach crime fiction, Sara wants to be scared and thrilled. She perches on my shoulder, an exacting, demanding literary demon whispering in my ear, critiquing every word I write. She features in some of my writing. Comes to a grizzly end.
The authors revenge.

Michelle Wallace said...

Reader: "You’ve been in such high spirits for the last few days—a positive ball of energy—what happened?"
Me: Shoots a piercing look.
Reader: "That topic was a bad idea. Way tooo ambitious."
Me: Blocks ears.
Reader: "I hope you're not doing what I think-------"
Me: Presses send.

ados123 said...

I read my stories to the dog. He is non-committal, non-responsive and only critical if a piece is too long. When finished he will look me in the eye, cock his head on one side and take his reward – a walk so I can work out new ideas.


Jennie said...

Just when I think I’m done, along comes Miss Picky-Pants: “Boring! Saw the twist coming. No characterisation. Very little plot. Honestly, give up now. You can’t write.”
“Yes. I. Can!”
“No. You. Can’t!”
“It just needs editing.”
“But you said you were done. And anyway, who are you kidding?”