Sunday, 15 December 2019

Playing about

If your 30 - 40 minute play is one of the best entries in this free to enter competition, you'll have your work performed in Arundel and earn a £200 fee. There's also an overall award of £250.

Although there's an impressive castle at Arundel, I've only ever driven past the town. I'd like to go – and I'd love to see your work performed, so do let me know if your play is selected.

In the meantime, here's another English castle. Do you recognise it?

(I'm featuring a different free to enter writing competition every day from the 8th until the winter solstice.)


Frank Carver said...

Looks like Walmer Castle in Kent to me. I'm guessing we have visited many of the same places!

Patsy said...

@ Frank – You're correct. And yes, if you like UK castles, we've probably been to a lot of the same places.