Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Competition news

I'd love to hear your competition news. Have you entered any comps? Had any luck? Heard about interesting contests? Got any tips to pass on? (Although I only feature free to enter competitions in my posts it's fine to share news about other competitions too.)

For those who are unsure, this post explains how to leave a comment. (If you've subscribed to the blog by email and wish to respond, you'll need to click on the link and add a comment – it's not possible to do this by replying to the email.)

Thanks to Alyson Hilborne for passing on details of this free to enter travel writing competition. They want no more than 500 words about a 'stand out travel experience'. The prize is publication in National Geographic and a two week trip to Vietnam (including flights). Alyson shares loads of interesting writing news on her twitter account, including competitions, giveaways and calls for submission.

If anyone sends me a link to a free to enter writing competition and would like a link back to their blog, website, social media account etc, please include that link when you email/message me.

Here's a monthly travel writing competition with a £250 prize and the chance of £1,000 for the best one of the year. This one also has a 500 word requirement and is free to enter.

If you've been reading the blog for a while you'll know that any mention of travel is my cue to spam you with photos. These are of R'ten – our mobile writing retreat, photographic base and means of transport. She's taken me to present workshops and meet writing friends around the British Isles.

The locations featured here are Eilan Doonan castle Scotland, the ferry to Raasay, a nature reserve near Bamburgh and Callum's Road, Raasay (worth looking up if you have a minute to spare or want inspiration for an interestig character).


Frank Carver said...

I think the Telegraph "Just Back" competition may be on hold during the travel restrictions. I have sent in a few submissions recently, but there was no acknowledgement and they are still showing the article from 4th March as the most recent.

It could be, of course, that they just didn't like my submissions so it might still be worth trying your luck if you have something to hand.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Always enjoy your travel photos.
That one for the National Geographic would be huge to win.

ados123 said...

Love your Scotland photos, Patsy. Would love to spend time visiting all those castles and gardens. Unfortunately we have a tent and given the Scottish weather... not made it yet.
I've not had any luck with the Telegraph "Just Back" one - although to be fair I've only tried once.

Bendywriter said...

Hi Patsy. No competition news – but, on the subject of travel, your photos reminded me that my husband is following a vlog of two people who have no fixed abode. Instead they’re travelling the world in their motorhome and are currently in South America (I think). Like all of us, they’re trying to follow the new edition of the Bureaucratic Lockdown Life Map but it’s not easy for them – their Italian number plates freak out the locals; their Italian passports freak out the police who try to move them on; there’s no logical place to aim for even if they could travel there, which they can’t. Cue confusion.

Now, honestly, I’m not lacking in sympathy . . . but I’ll lay good money on not being the only one who thinks that’s a great set up for a story!

(BTW, the couple are doing fine thanks to common sense and people’s good nature. Of course, let’s not have truth interfering with the creative process. Excuse me, I must go and sharpen some knives.)

Lel said...

Hi Patsy

Hope you are well. I have just submitted a poem to Gray Hen Poetry comp ( - it isn't a free comp but it is for women over 60 and for that reason alone, I thought - why not! I don't expect to win anything - I am no poet but I did it for the experience of trying to write a poem.

Hope you are doing OK - not being able to travel anywhere is certainly creating a different way of life for us isn't it? There are elements to it I am cherishing which was unexpected (skies clear of planes, not using the car, not spending money on eating out) but I miss my freedom to choose most of all. still, I want to be alive to be able to make choices and am aware others have fewer choices right now, so I count my blessings too.

stay well and safe

J Lenni Dorner said...

Great pictures!
I know WriteClub is coming up, which is free. That's 500-word stories. I didn't enter this year, which is the first time in many years that I haven't. I didn't have anything prepared.
And WEP is going on right now, which is 1000 words or less. That I have entered.

Patsy said...

@ Frank – Yes they may be on hold. Shame, as my trips to the kitchen are becoming legendary!

@ Alex – certainly would!

@ Alyson – I have seen people in little tents in Scotland. Many of them didn't seem to be having quite as much fan as we were in the van!

@ Bendywriter – yes, I'm sure they'll have some tales to tell. Our campervan is our only vehicle, and I expect it's caused some raised eyebrows the twice we've used it to go food shopping.

@ Lei – Good luck with the poetry!

@ J Lenni – thanks so much for those links. I'll ut them, and some others, in a post tomorrow.

Celia said...

Dear Tosh,
Eilean Donan!
Instantly recognisable, even with your interesting take on the spelling! The midges there are absolutely bloody, which is why your campervan is so much better than a tent. Hope you are OK in this lockdown, not too frustrated by the lack of travelling. Keep well!