Wednesday, 29 July 2020


I was surprised to find blog isn't listed in my dictionary. Then I looked at the cover and saw how old it is. That was a surprise too. The nineties don't seem all that long ago – but it's time enough for blogs to have become popular and start to decline.

A few years ago My Weekly asked me for a few words about myself, to put under one of my stories. I mentioned this blog and the editor helpfully described blogs as online diaries, for those who were unfamiliar with them.

I'm not sure precisely how long I've had this blog, but I recall mentioning my engagement on it and that was over nine years ago. That's a lot of posts!

I'm thinking of somehow combining this blog with my Womagwriter one (which is for those who write for women's magazines). Although I'd still have the same amount of research to do, I think it would be slightly easier and less time consuming to only have the one blog.

What do you think about that? Any suggestions for the best way to go about it? Or maybe I should just stop one of them?

Fellow blogger Paula Readman recently invited me over to her blog for a virtual tea and chat.

If you're interested in the subject of blogging, you may like to join #WritingChat this evening. This is a Twitter event held 8-9 (UK time) every Wednesday evening. There's always a theme – this week it's 'Does blogging still work for writers?' Participants are encouraged to suggest topics for further discussions.

To take part, just tweet at the appropriate time, using the #WritingChat hashtag. (Without that, we'll probably miss your comments.)

And now for what you probably visited this blog for – free to enter writing competitions.

The Val Wood prize is for feel good stories of 2,000 words. There's a £100 prize, plus publication.

Amazon are offering a £20,000 for 'outstanding writing'. I know I'm cynical, but as readers play a significant role in deciding who wins, outstanding marketing is also going to play a big part. Still; like all the competitions I blog about, it's free to enter. If you intended to publish through Amazon anyway, you might as well have a go.

Bardsy are offering $345 and a six month placement on their Elite Writers' Scheme to the winning writer of a short story about dreams.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

And I've been blogging so long I remember when you announced your engagement!

ados123 said...

No! Don't stop either of them. I find the info in both excellent (but you can combine them...)

Annalisa Crawford said...

I think I'm in my 9th or 10th year of blogging, and to be honest, I did start it as an online diary - mostly because I didn't think I have any readers besides myself :-)

Bendywriter said...

Hello, Patsy.
I enjoy both blogs. Although they focus on different things, I find the topics interesting even if they don't apply to me at that moment. It feels good to be immersed in a supportive writerly environment and I thank you for providing one.
But, as the creator, do you find that there are things that you would like to blog about yet they don't quite fit each specific focus? That must be frustrating. Flipping the coin, do you find that there is a duplication of process? There has to be a pay off for that work or it's time better used elsewhere. I love ruminating on the more nerdy aspects of writing but that doesn't re-energise the bank account.
Marketing gurus talk of driving your 'brand' and 'co-ordination'. As the short-story market changes, it makes sense to do whatever directs the most people to your website from which you showcase (and sell) your novels.
Does anyone have an idea of how the move to one blog affects on-line visibility? Those damned algorithms rule . . .

Nick Wilford said...

The passage of time is strange. I've been blogging for about 9 years too and it feels like forever. Yet the 90s doesn't seem that long ago...

Thanks for the competitions as always. I have nothing new to publish for the Amazon one, but it might be worth bearing in mind for future!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Patsy - yes combine them if that makes it easier for you. I know the word 'blog' won't feature ... it might make the 2000 edition ... I see it got easier when I started in 2009 - no technical thingies involved - so mine, as you know, is basic.

It's limiting how many platforms readers want to spread their work around ... and quite difficult to do if only one of us ... but I guess combining would make a shared blog easier.

Take care and good luck with the decisions - Hilary