Saturday, 28 September 2019


My lovely writing buddy Lynne Pardoe has just been in touch, because she thought I might like this competition.

Hmm, now let me see ... It's for short stories, it's free, it's slightly odd and there's a lot of chocolate on offer. Nope, can't see why she'd think that would be of interest to me.

Oh, it must be the hamper! I do love the idea of being sent a hamper of nice stuff.

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Quick update

I recently presented a workshop for Nottingham Writers' Club, was shortlisted in a competition, and had a story published in The Weekly News.

The organisers of the competition I (and writing friend Sharon Boothroyd) were shortlisted for, are running another free to enter short story competition, with the them of murder. The prize is £50.

Wednesday, 11 September 2019


We're back home after ten weeks away in the campervan! (The photos are all of homes, or former homes, we saw on our travels.)

Here's a free to enter writing competition. Be sure to include your home address on the entry, so they know where to send the £100 prize, should you win.

The word home is usually used to mean the place where we live, but it can be used in a wider sense to mean the area, or even country we, or our family, originate from. It can mean our wider family and background, an institution, the end of a race, a position in sports and games ... It's where someone, or something, belongs.

To me, home means either the house, or the van, depending on which I'll be sleeping in that night. It's where Gary is, where I cook and eat, the place I read and write.

What does home mean to you?

Wednesday, 4 September 2019


"If you could pick one place in the world to sit and write your next story, where would it be and why?"

That's this month's optional Insecure Writer's Support Group question – and probably the easiest writing related question I've ever faced! I'd write it in R'ten, the mobile writing retreat. I do quite a lot of my writing in there as I'm fortunate to spend quite a lot of time travelling. It's especially helpful to be able to write in the location stories are set, both to get me in the mood and make research easy.

Do you find this question as easy to answer? If not, what question would you rather be asked?