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Would you like to interview me, or have me do a guest post on your blog? I'm usually happy to do this (time permitting) Please email me to discuss it and include a link to your blog.

If you know of, or wish to promote, any free to enter writing contests, competitions with writing related or book prizes, or publishing opportunities, I'd love to hear about them. You can either add them as a comment to one of my posts, or email me the details. I'll try to mention them (and you) in one of my posts. (If you'd like to promote a contest that carries a fee then you may add details as a comment to a recent post, but I won't post up those details in a new post.)

Please be aware that I post details of competitions and writing opportunities simply because I hope they'll be of interest to my blog readers. I'm not endorsing any competition or company mentioned and I don't undertake to investigate any of them.

I do not pay for any contributions to my blog nor for advertising.

My email address is - You can also find me on facebook and twitter

I occasionally give talks or run workshops for writing groups. Please email me if you're interested.


Kracken said...

Where do I get your book please mam?

Patsy said...

They're available from Amazon, Kracken. You're in the US aren't you?

Patsy said...

If you're interested in the short story collection you're best of downloading it from smashwords as it's free there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Patsy, I hope you're busy writing!!! :)

Thought you might be interested in this - an online writing pal has just notified me of this free comp which offers a full version of Microsoft Office for simply writing a photo caption!


Anonymous said...

Oh no! I hadn't read through the t&cs, Patsy - this is for US and Canada-based residents only because of the license :( Or do you have followers from there who might be interested? I'd still enter for the Stephen King 'On Writing' book and Mitch's book of short stories, but I have a copy of both already!

Sorry - this has taught me a lesson...I'm too trigger-happy.

Patsy said...

Thanks, Marion. I do have US followers so it might be of interest to them.

Anonymous said...

Oh good! :) But I'll be more careful in future.

Anonymous said...

Hi Patsy, I'm going to write a blog post showing my latest flowers in the garden, and would like to mention up the garden path. Would you like to answer a couple of questions? If so, I'll pop them on there as well.

If not, I'll mention the book anyway. It's fab, lovely stories.

Patricia Keyson said...

Hello Patsy,

I've just finished re-re-reading A Spot of Appreciation in WW fiction special 2009 (not that I'm a hoarder, you understand!). Thoroughly enjoyed it - thank you.


Patsy said...

Glad you liked it! (Sorry, I missed seeing your post)