Wednesday, 12 April 2017


You know how you're aware a thing exists, but it had never occurred to you there was a specific word for it? (Or is that just me?) Well, those little strandy bits in an egg, which join the yolk to the ends of the egg, inside the shell, are known as chalaza.

Competitions for eggs on plates are an actual thing too. I'm sure there's a word for that... Whatever it is, I like the fact this happens so much, I recreated it in a scene in Firestarter.


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    1. Us country folk know eggcitement when we see if, Mac.

  2. Good grief - I've learnt two new things in this post, Patsy! :)

    Susan A Eames at
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  3. So that would be at a Produce Fair, would it? Whatever next!!!

    1. They do this in big county shows, Liz. I've never participated personal, but I've seen it done many times.


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