Wednesday, 21 March 2018


My dictionary gives several complicated definitions of saline, but they all come to pretty much the same thing – has salt (or salts) in it.

The process of making something salty is salinization. The level of saltiness or salinity is measured using a salinometer.

What's your favourite salty thing?


  1. How funny that you chose the word Saline today, Patsy! One of my sons has a business called Saline Pools here in Nassau. He installs and maintains saline systems. As he says in the information he sends out, "Saline is rapidly replacing conventional chlorination methods and fast becoming the preferred method of water sanitization. A saline pool is much easier to maintain and provides an enhanced swimming experience (the salt in a saline pool is less salty than a human tear)."

  2. I needed a saline drip! Talk about coincidences!

  3. There are three things I can't eat without a little sprinkling of salt: poached eggs, chips and peanut butter.


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