Wednesday, 4 July 2018


Ultimate means last or final, maximum, best and that beyond which no other exists. It can also mean fundamental or un-analysable or a final fact or principle.

Have you ever noticed that when climbing uphill, you keep thinking the bit you're on is the ultimate peak, but you discover it's a false summit and you have to go on until ultimately you reach the ultimateness which really is the top?

If you're the ultimate winner of this free to enter short story competition, you'll win £500 (UK residents only).

See yesterday's post for the IWSG and my ultimate writing goals.


  1. Thanks for the link to this contest Patsy! Hopefully, some ultimate winner will get it!

  2. Nice bluff (sheer outcropping, dare, one who doesn't follow through)

  3. Thanks for that link, Patsy - will have a look!

    1. You could buy lots of raspbery and almond slices with a prize like that.


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