Wednesday, 21 December 2016


To rootle is to dig with a snout, to poke about or search. Whilst you're doing it you're rootling and afterwards you'll have rootled.

Somewhere I have a photo of pigs rootling, but when I rootled through my hardrve I got distracted, so here are some steps instead. Do you know where they are? Have you climbed them?

What were you looking for last time you rootled – and did you find it?


  1. Here we say rooted instead.
    Those steps look like great exercise.

  2. Hi Patsy - love rootled ... it's a fun word ... digging around ... and I'm always doing it ... well snout in computer looking for things!

    Yes - me thinks it might be Tintagel... or Giant's Causeway in N Ireland .. otherwise no idea!!

    Happy Christmas to you both - Hilary

  3. Of course you just 'happened' to stumble across that word. Perhaps I'm not well known for my sincerity; but I've been rootling for a husband for quite some time. Think I'll tootle off now.

  4. I'm more familiar with pootling around. It's a leisurely stroll, but I suppose you could have a tootle at the end of it. A walk down those steep steps wouldn't be a pootle or a tootle.

  5. Great word. Not sure where those steps are but it looks like Scotland or Wales!

  6. No idea where the steps are. I do all my rootling in private so the neighbors can't talk about me.

  7. I love having a good old rootle around - especially when I find what I've been looking for :-)

  8. Thanks everyone! I've only just had time for a good rootle through the internet to read all your comments.

    The photo was taken at Tintagel.


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