Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Often I challenge you to use my Wednesday Word of the Week, but not this time. I'd like this one to vanish.

Invent is a word. It means to use thought to create and originate. The result is an invention, created by an inventive inventor. It could be a physical thing, such as a wheel, space ship or cake. It might be an idea, song or story.

Re-invent doesn't mean anything, or at least not anything good as far as I can tell. Re-inventing usually seems to involve taking something good and popular and messing it up. Favourite food products are re-invented with a 'new and improved' recipe meaning they're smaller, pricier and disgusting. Classic stories are re-invented as unconvincing, watered down versions of the original. Re-invention is so much not a thing, that I'm not even going to make the letters bold.

Ooops, Wednesday Word of the Week seems to have been re-invented as Wednesday Whinge of the Week! I'm right though ... aren't I?

Wednesday, 18 February 2015


I'm sure you all know that a calendar is the kind of chart thingy with the days and months of the year divided up. You're probably also aware that it's very easy to type calender instead (you will be if you've read any of my drafts as I'm always doing it)

Did you know a calender is a real thing? I didn't until Christine pointed it out to me after reading one of my drafts in which the fire service produced a calendar of scantily clad firemen. My mc Handsome Hamish is Mr May and featured rescuing a kitten, but I digress ...

A calender is machine which uses rollers to press paper or cloth into smooth sheets.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015


A tribute is a thing said, done or given as a mark of respect or affection. Followed by 'to' it's an indication of a praiseworthy quality (as an example, my dictionary gives 'their success is a tribute to their perseverance' which I particularly like). A tribute used to be how miners pay was calculated and could also mean a payment made by one state or ruler to another.

Tribute is also the make of our van (or do I mean model?)

Don't forget #writingchat tonight. The theme is 'what do you write?' and 'why?'