Wednesday, 26 June 2019


Napper is an 18th century slang word for the head. Did you know that, or did you, like me, think it was a word for people who take naps?

Don't get caught napping and miss this free competition. If you use your napper and come up with something good enough to win, you'll have it recorded by a professional actor and made available on their website. Previously published work may be entered.

And here's a free to enter poetry competition.

And this is for Dr Who fans.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019


Elbows are of course the joint halfway down our arms which allow them to bend. They're very useful to writers!

A piece of piping shaped into a right angle, or any similarly shaped bend or corner can be known as an elbow bend or elbow joint

If you jostle your way through a crowd then you can be said to be elbowing your way into a space, and those displaced in this manner are elbowed out. Once you have sufficient space around you, you'll have plenty of elbow room

If you give something elbow grease, you've put effort into it. Giving a person the elbow is to dump them. Being out at the elbows (either a person or item of clothing) means to be tired or ragged.

Find yourself some elbow room, apply creativity and elbow room and enter this free poetry competition. If you win the £100 prize you'll be able to replace something you own which is out at the elbows. You'll also have your work published and illustrated and will receive a copy of the book.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019


Verdigris (pronounced verdegree) is best known as the effect on metals such as brass and copper when they're exposed to weather or seawater. In a short space of time they go from bright and shiny to a dull blueish-green. It's commonly scene on roofs, pipework and weather vanes.

The verdigris can be polished off, but will soon form again.

Historically verdigris was used as a pigment for artists, producing the most vibrant shade of green available in the middle ages.

Did you know that verdigris can also be used to describe sailors? I guess it could be quite apt if they're under the weather.

I'll be green with envy if you win this free to enter competition from Amazon. There's a £20,000 prize. All you have to do is write something great, polish it up, publish on, enroll it in kdp select, sell lots of copies and get lots of good reviews and you'll be in with a chance!

Friday, 7 June 2019

Friday Freebie

The winner of last week's  Friday Freebie book is Ann. 

Please contact David with a UK postal address and he'll send out your copy of Brotherhood in the next few days.

Free ebook – Last Chance Horse by Jane Ayres (free through to 10th June).

Special offer – My romance Escape To The Country is currently reduced to 99p (99c).

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Insecure – or just lazy?

I have an idea for a really big writing project and it's creating all kinds of doubts. How do I tell if these are legitimate concerns, a dose of insecurity because it's more ambitious than anything I've so far attempted, or just obstacles I'm creating to get myself out of the huge amount of work which would be involved?

If you have writing insecurities and/or would like to offer help, encouragement or reassurance to insecure writers then you may like to join the Insecure Writer's Support Group.

While I continue to ponder my big project, I'm going to work on smaller scale writing. This free to enter short story competition might be just the thing. You have to sign up for the mailing list to take part and there's a weekly prize of £50. Thank you to Alyson for making me aware of it.

There's still time to leave a comment on last week's Friday Freebie and be in with a chance to win a paperback posted to any UK address.