Wednesday 31 August 2016


Something which is mellow is soft, rich and free from harshness, particularly where our senses are involved. If we're mellow, we're either softened by age and experience - or by alcohol! (A nice mellow shiraz, perhaps?)

When describing fruit it meand soft, sweet and juicy. Mellow soil is rich and loamy.

I took this picture of my and Gary's shadows in the mellow evening light. (That's not snow but chalk - the light breeze was mellow too.) I *may* have drunk some wine when we returned to the van after our walk.

Wednesday 17 August 2016


Tumultuousness is a long word, so I'll build up to it ...

A tumult is an uproar or noise, an angry demonstration or disturbance or a conflict of emotions in the mind.

Tumultuous is disorderly, noisily agitated or making a tumult. If you're being those things, you'll be acting tumultuously and demonstrating tumultuousness.

Waterfalls are a tumultuous torrent of water.

Can you imagine the tumult of emotions the pixies experienced when Gary knocked on their door? He only tapped gently, but to them it probably sounded like a tumultuous racket.

Wednesday 10 August 2016


Selective means, using or categorised by selection, or able to select. It can also mean able to tune into a particular frequency without interuption from others.

I've been selective in compiling this set of photos - and if anyone says they don't like them, I shall employ selective hearing!