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A Free collection of short stories. Not A Drop To Drink.

Scientists say the human body is around 70% water. We know that's not true.

Oh, we could drink 'straight' H20, but usually we don't. More likely it's vitamin rich juice or teeth rotting cola. We like a nice cup of tea to calm us down or cheer us up. Perhaps a nice glass of wine to celebrate or drown our sorrows. Two glasses. Too many glasses.

Our bodies do contain liquid of course. Never just water.
What's in yours; acid and bile or the milk of human kindness? Blood, sweat and tears of joy or sorrow?

It's these waters I hope you'll find running through my stories.

Also free! Are We Nearly Famous?

This collection of short stories is about journeys; literal, metaphorical and literary. Those both of the characters and the authors. 
Ailsa travels to Scotland and begins the journey of recovery after life-saving surgery. The Smith family take two trips in one, and their reactions to each bring them closer as a family. Esperanza doesn’t just switch locations but swaps one life for another, each change taking her away from everything she knows and ever closer to the independence she needs to be truly happy.
In Italy, Pedro learns about the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Lisa’s journey also begin with a death, which leads her on a search for the truth about her own life.
Marty, just like her creator, moves to the Island of La Palma and takes strides forward in both her career and love life. Although Saffy and Jess both remain in the United Kingdom, their own emotional journeys are similar in several ways. They each want to make a difference with their work, and meet men who share this passion and ignite their own.
Patsy, Rosemary, Sheila and Lynne are four friends who, although successful in specific writing fields, aren’t yet well known to the general reading public. Together we’re raising awareness of our work, and hope you’ll help us do the same by reading this free collection, telling others about it and leaving us a review. We’re not really asking ‘Are We Nearly Famous?’ as we know the answer!


Stephen said...

I enjoyed 'Not a Drop to Drink' Patsy, the darker material like 'Don't Touch the Water' in particular. The water theme links it all nicely, but there's still a lot of variety. Most readers will find something to enjoy, and every piece will be someone’s favourite.

Patsy said...

Thanks, Stephen! Generally I prefer writing cheery stories, but 'Don't Touch the Water' is probably my favourite in that collection.

Fay Knowles said...

I loved this collection of short stories! Thanks for making it available for free download, Patsy.

Patsy said...

So glad you liked it, Fay! (if you have the time to put a short review on Amazon I'd really appreciate that)

Robin said...

LOLLLL!!! I just talk texted your book title and name. Siri does not understand the Texas "drawl" It came out "Not a Drop to Drink" by Pepsi Colon!

Unknown said...

I love to read short stories. I read your blog post and story is appears interesting. I will get eBooks download online and read the rest of story.