Saturday, 30 November 2019

Need a nudge to get you writing?

If you find writing prompts and exercises useful then you might like my new book.

A YEAR OF IDEAS – 365 sets of writing prompts and exercises

I think that titles probably gives you a pretty good idea of what to expect, but here's the blurb in case you'd like a bit more information ...

All writers need ideas. We need topics and themes, prompts to get started and a little encouragement to keep going. New writers may be wondering where to begin, daunted by a blank page and want help to transform thoughts into fiction. Even the most experienced have dry periods when ideas don't flow, or times when they appreciate a push to try something different. 

Patsy Collins' methods are proven to work. She's employed them at workshops where she's never failed to get her attendees, from brand new and nervous to burnt out, not just writing but producing interesting scenes, snippets and stories.
Each of the daily sets of prompts in this book have been used in some way by Patsy, to create her own work. She needs a lot of ideas as she's completed five novels, co-written From Story Idea to Reader (an accessible guide to writing fiction) and produced nineteen collections of themed short stories, averaging two dozen per book. Hundreds and hundreds of her short stories have been published – mainly in women's magazines. She blogs, writes articles, wins competitions and is always working on something new.
Whether you're a new writer, or a more experienced one temporarily out of ideas, have hours to fill or just five free minutes, you'll find something in this book to help get you writing – every day of the year.

The prompts and suggestions can be used for short stories or longer works and in any genre.
You can buy it here. The ebook is £2.50 ($3.22) and the paperback £6 ($7.75).

What gets you writing?

Friday, 29 November 2019

Friday Freebie

The winner of an e-copy ARC of Maggie Of My Heart by Alyson Faye is Lynn Love. Congratulations! Please contact Alyson directly, to get your prize.

Wednesday, 27 November 2019


Philology is the science of language. Keen as I am on English, that doesn't make me a philologist, as I don't do anything scientifically. However an alternative definition is the love of learning and literature, so I probably am a philogian, or at least partly philological. How about you?

Btw, there's still time to enter the mini competition to win an ebook. Just leave a comment which includes one of the M words here, before midnight tonight.

Friday, 22 November 2019

Friday Freebie

Alyson Faye has a new book out – Maggie Of My Heart. She tells me the story is – "set in post-war Britain, it's about a relationship between a spiv and an escort girl, (Maggie) and the blackmail/murder in their relationship; it's my homage to the old film noirs."

You can read more about it here.

If you're a reader in the UK, you can try to win an e copy, by leaving a comment using (one or more) of the words Murder, mystery or mayhem. (Comments which aren't entries are also welcome, but if you use one of the M words, please state it's not an entry, to avoid confusion.)

Entries close midnight Wednesday 27th November. Winner will be announced on this blog next Friday and invited to contact Alyson to arrange receiving their prize. If they don't respond, no prize will be awarded.

Thursday, 21 November 2019

Fantastical Tyneside

Thanks to Alyson Hilbourne for passing on the details of this free to enter short story competition.

The Word are looking for previously unpublished science fiction and fantasy stories of up to 3,000 words. The prize is publication, and for the top three, £100, £50 or £25.

The competition is part of WRITE Festival run by South Tyneside Council, which is jolly handy as I've been to Tyneside and now feel totally justified in sharing some of the photos I took in that general area.

I'm not totally sure they'll help with writing your entry, but I've done my best to select some which might.

Friday, 1 November 2019

Christmas in Ireland

One year we spent Christmas in Ireland, in our campervan. I mention that mostly because I'm shameless about working my travel pictures into blog posts. The fact is kind, almost relevant though. In a way.

Here's a competition from Irish magazine Woman's Way. They're looking for Christmas stories, in a range of genres, up to 800 words.

The best will be published in the Christmas annual, and win their authors 'extra special gifts'. Some of these are literary themed and/or involve Ireland.