Friday Freebie

The Friday Freebie is a new feature on this blog. Each time it runs, there will be a little information about an author and one of their books. The featured author will select one of those who comments on the post to have a copy posted out (this may be restricted to UK addresses in some cases.) This winner will be announced the following week and invited to contact the author with their address.

To try to win a copy of the featured book, simply leave a comment on the post before the deadline, ensuring you've included a name somewhere.

To take part as an author, you'll need to provide the words and images for the blog post, pick a winner and post out a copy of your book. Please contact me first. Should there be lots of volunteers preference will be given to those who regularly comment on the blog, share it on social media etc.

You can also let me know if your ebook will be free on any Friday and as long as I'm not off somewhere in the van which doesn't have internet, I'll probably include a link.