Wednesday 26 September 2018


A muselet is the little wire cage thingy which holds the cork into a bottle of fizzy (and usually alcoholic) liquid. I know this because my lovely husband told me, adding, "Did you know there was a word for that?"

My reply was, "Yes, love, I did. There's a word for everything. Do you not read my blog?"

He then suggested he remove the muselet from a bottle he'd previously put in the fridge, so that was OK. (The photo shows more than one night's 'research' – honest!)

Talking of liquid, for those who've not yet read my small taster collection of short stories, Not A Drop To Drink, it's still available as a free download.

Wednesday 19 September 2018


To be on your tod means to be alone. If you're British, the chances are you knew that – but did you know the phrase originated as Cockney rhyming slang? The Tod in question was a jockey called Tod Sloan. Whether he was most often alone at the front or the back of the field, I can't tell you.

Alternatives are on your pat (Pat Malone) and on your Jack (Jack Jones). Who Pat and Jack were is something else I can't tell you. Maybe that's something you can tell me?

Here's me apparently on my tod in Rhodes.

Wednesday 12 September 2018


Mull can mean to think ponderously or deeply. E.g. Patsy mulled over an idea for her next novel. I do a lot of mulling.

Alternatively it's a soft muslin fabric, a layer of humus, or the practice of heating liquid, usually wine, with spices to make a delicious warming drink.

There's a good reason for Mull being today's word of the week – it's the Scottish island in the inner Hebrides where the mobile writing retreat is currently located.