Wednesday 29 June 2016


A heath is an area of flattish, uncultivated land with low shrubs. Heath can also be used to describe those shrubs and is generally used for Erica or Calluna (types of heather).

Wednesday 22 June 2016


A sphinx is a creature with a woman's head and lion's body. Sometimes it has wings too. Sphinx-like means an enigmatic or inscrutable person.

When people refer to The Sphinx, they generally mean this one at Giza.

Wednesday 15 June 2016


Concretize means to make something concrete rather than abstract. Concrete in this case meaning 'existing in material form' not a mix of sand and cement.

Actually getting on and writing your story, as opposed to just day dreaming about seeing it in a bookshop, will concretize your brilliant idea into something you can submit for publication.

Concretize may also be spelled as concretise.

(This is an old photo of the booksigning for my first ever published book. It's now available in a newer edition.)

Wednesday 8 June 2016


Altruism is unselfishness, concern for other people or regard for others. An altruist is a person who behaves altruistically.

Btw, running this blog isn't simply an altruistic action on my part. You're supposed to be suckered into buying my books!

p.s. I've switched over to summer weight hair. Don't blame if it now rains for two months.