Wednesday 13 March 2019


Allide isn't a word you hear much. I don't think I'd have come across it myself if I didn't happen to be married to a handsome and extremely talented maritime photographer (that's me in Brownie points for a while!)

You know what collide means, I expect. Well, allide is like that, but only one of the objects is moving. Just as you can witness a collision when two moving objects strike each other, an allision is the action of a moving object hitting a stationary object.

Allision seems to be used almost exclusively in connection with ships. Sometimes one allides against another, more commonly a pier or mooring pontoon is involved.

This is Norwegian Epic. She recently allided with a pier in Puerto Rico. (And you thought I was making this up, didn't you?)


liz young said...

The things you learn! That ship doesn't appeal to me at all, excellent though the photo is - ships should be ship-shape, not a block of flats on a barge.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I suppose a car wrapping itself around a telephone pole would be considered alliding.

LINDSAY said...

New word in my vocabulary.

Patsy said...

@ Liz – I'm sure she's all ship-shape inside!

@ Alex – yes, and a jolly bad plan.

@ Unknown – jolly good!

Computer Tutor said...

This is the coolest things I'm likely to learn all day. I'm going to be throwing that word around on the blogosphere!

Patsy said...

Jolly good, Jacqui!