Wednesday 9 March 2016


Dissentient can mean a person who dissents (or a dissenter) or can be used as an adjective for disagreeing with an official or majority view.

The book buying public don't seem interested in my novel Firestarter, but a few dissentient voices have given it good reviews.


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Patsy - at some stage I want to write or give a talk about the Dissenters and Pamphleteers ... but it's a complicated historical era.

That's good you've got some good reviews ... even if they're from dissentient voices .. Love that cover though ... Cheers Hilary

liz young said...

That's odd - if I'd come across this word I would have assumed it to be a negative form of 'sentient'.

Patsy said...

Complicated yes - but I imagine it'd be very interesting too, Hilary.

Patsy said...

That would be entirely logical of you, Liz. English isn't always entirely logical though. Maybe it wouldn't be quite so much fun if it was?