Wednesday 24 October 2018


Today's word of the week was suggested by Carolyn Henderson, after I used it in reply to a question she asked on Facebook – What does pumpkin taste like? My response was 'faintly vegetably'. That's about right, isn't it?

Vegetably means, of or relating to plants, reminiscent of vegetables, or with vegetative properties. I wonder what they are? That bit made me think of a caped swede (as opposed to Alexander Skarsgård who is sometimes a caped Swede and who I don't think of as often as you might imagine).

The word can also mean containing vegetables. Eg the beef pie was very vegetably, or with respect to vegetables.

My most recent book cover is rather vegetably, and the vegetables are pumpkins, so that all ties in very neatly and gives me an excuse to mention that Slightly Spooky Stories II is available now as a paperback or ebook and free to read if you have Kindle Unlimited.


liz young said...

I wouldn't have expected that word actually to exist! I will have to get your book to add to my collection!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

It's a real word? And was she asking because she's really never tasted pumpkin?
That cart of veggies looks really good.

Bubble said...

That is the most ridiculous word. I had to look it up to make sure this wasn't some sort of late April Fool. A Halloween fool, maybe. Utterly Preposterous.

Susan A Eames said...

Ha ha - loved the tie-in between your chosen word (ridiculous word, no?) and your book. Hope it makes lots of sales. :)

Susan A Eames at
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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Patsy - well it definitely describes things sometimes ... especially colloquially. Fun and the cover for your new book is great and I'm sure it's full of excellent tales - cheers Hilary

Author R. Mac Wheeler said...


making me feel guilty...haven't been eatin' that many vegis lately

Patsy said...

@ Liz - that sounds like an excellent idea!

@ Alex – Yes! Isn't life weird?

@ Bubble – You doubted me? And there was me thinking that by now I could just make words up and get away with it!

@ Susan – Subtle, eh?

@ Hilary – It's a word I've used more than once.

@ Mac - you should. They're good for you.

Rachna Chhabria said...

Hi Patsy, I like the word faintly vegetably :) Btw, I like pumpkins, in India we get them in plenty and my family eats it in many forms.

Patsy said...

@ Rachna – I don't mind eating small amounts of pumpkin and squash, but the taste always seems disappointing compared with how amazing many of them look. Maybe I just don't cook it right?